St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

January 18, 2016


Members present: Sherry Rankin, Charlie Ringwald, Amy Engle, Vicki Sheipe, Susan Yanos,  Emma Bogue, Dan Sweet and Darren Klein. Also present was Father Joe and Barb Ringwald.


·        Opening prayer was led by Father Joe

·        The meeting was presided over by Dan Sweet.





Finance report was given by Tom Munchel. The checking account and stipend account for November for 2015 were reconciled. Sherry Rankin made a motion to accept with Darren Klein seconding. Motion passed.




·        Job Postings – Organist/Music Director and Religious Education Administrator/Youth Minister – Our current organist will stay through Ash Wednesday. Mike Rathke will help with filling in and the interview process. Father Joe will contact the Ball State Music Department to see if there are any students who might be interest in playing the organ for Mass. It will also be posted with the Archdiocese.  The position of the Religious Ed/Youth Minister position was tabled until the Cohort decision is made on February 4, 2016.

·        Status of renovation of Parish Secretary office – Looking into another wall cabinet with doors for west wall for storage. Barb Ringwald explained estimate for base cabinets and wall cabinets from BCR. ($2,783.00 minus any discount if any). Emma Bogue made a motion with Sherry Rankin seconding. Motion passed. Wayne Hokey has stated that he may purchase one of the filing cabinets that did not fit for $500.00.

·        Water/Sacrarium in sacristy has been tabled until the next meeting.

·        Epoxy of Bathroom Floors – Charlie Ringwald will follow up with John Bell’s quote of $1729.00. (Quote is attached to the minutes)

·        United Catholic Appeal – As of this meeting – 129 UCA cards have been turned back in out of 213. (60.5%) Total pledged to date = $25,100.00 (120% 0f goal)

·        Renovation of the Church Bell – Memorial money for Paul Rathke went toward restoring the bell. Jeannie Rathke and family gave check to pay the balance in his memory. Barb Ringwald has the old bell wheel cleaned up – it was discussed to hang it on the wall in the Center as a memorial to Paul Rathke…with an “In Memory Of” placque.




·        RE: Susie Dungan’s request to resign from Parish Council for personal reasons.  Father Joe felt this should be tabled for now and resignation was not accepted.

·        Father Joe News:  1.) Scheduling for The Way of The Cross – This will be on Friday except for Wednesday February 17 and Wednesday, February 24.

·        Eric Werking had suggested cleaning the grout in the two newer bathrooms in the Center.  This could be done at a cost of $100.00. Dan Sweet will take a look at the grout in the bathrooms before a decision is made.

·        RE: Pictorial Directory Planning – It was decided to wait until the Archdiocese (Cohort) decision on February 4, 2016 to start the planning process. This was tabled until next meeting. Amy Engle will be heading this committee up again.




Dan Sweet suggested putting an envelope in the pews with “proper church etiquette” on them.

Since we are having trouble filling Mass intentions – it was suggested that we might consider putting Mass intention envelopes in the pews.

Rushville (St. Mary) is looking into starting a men’s worship/fellowship group – Father Joe suggested that this be tabled until we could look into it a little further.




January 24 – Youth Ministry Ice Skating trip to Goggin with St. Anne Parish

January 31 – Youth Bible Study at St. Anne 6 – 7 p.m.

February 7 – Souper Bowl Sunday collection by the youth for the Senior Center

February 10 – Ash Wednesday

February 16 – Center Rental – Kiwanis Sweetheart Dinner

February 18 – Beginning of Lenten program on Thursdays by Susan Yanos

February 20 – Liturgical Ministers – Morning of Reflection – hosted at St. Gabriel

February 28 – Ministerial Association service at St. Elizabeth 6:00



Next Parish Council meeting will be Monday, February 9, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. With Finance Committee meeting at 5:30.




3463 South County Road 600 East

New Castle, In 47362

(765) 730-8819



St. Elizabeth Church

Bath Room Floors


This quote includes:


·        Grind and clean 3 bathroom floors consisting of 185 sq ft

·        Apply a base coat of epoxy flooring

·        Apply a quartz style epoxy coating

·        Apply a slip resistant top coat

·        Clean up all job related debris

Total- 1,729 dollars

Add cove base – 546 dollars