St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

May 31, 2016


Members present: Dan Sweet, Tom Munchel, Wayne Hokey, Vicki Sheipe, Sherry Rankin, Amy Engle, Susan Yanos, Charlie Ringwald, Darren Klein and Emma Bogue. Also present was Father Joe and Barb Ringwald.


Opening prayer was led by Father Joe. A barbeque pork chop dinner was enjoyed by all – to see how the proposed grill would work out.

The meeting was presided over by Dan Sweet.


The May 3, 2016 Minutes were approved. Sherry Rankin made a motion with Tom Munchel seconding to accept the minutes. Motion passed.




Finance report was given by Tom Munchel. The checking account and the stipend account for April 2016 were reconciled. Charlie Ringwald made a motion with Darren Klein seconding to accept the financial report. Motion passed.


Barb Ringwald discussed the year end finance report. She has moved the property insurance to 5519 (5520)to heading 5335.




·        Re: Epoxy of Bathroom Floors – Darren Klein made a motion and Sherry Rankin seconded the motion to have Jon Bell put a second coat of the epoxy on the bathroom floors. Barb will contact him. Motion passed.

·         Leak in the Parish Center needs to be looked at – Dan Sweet and Wayne Hokey will be checking on this as soon as possible.

·        Job Openings – Religious Education and Youth Ministry – We have one applicant for Religious Education Director – Susan Yanos. Susan will prepare a proposal for the next council meeting. Barb Ringwald will make contacts on how to proceed.

·        Items to add to the proposed budget for 2016 – 2017 – Barb will be working on this as best she can – with all the unknown changes at this time.. Some of the items suggested were - $16,000.00 for handicapped door openers - $30,000.00 for Rectory maintenance - $10,000.00 for maintenance and upgrades to the Parish center.

·        Security monitor in office – There are problems again. Barb will call Dennis Wissler to have him check it out.

·        Proposed Mass times – Holding on this – Cohort meeting has been changed to June 8, 2016 – there should be an announcement by the Archdiocese by then.




·        Change in Department of Labor Regulations – these are attached. This does affect Barb Ringwald. After a discussion it was agreed to increase Barb to $16.00 per hour ($24,960.00) and allow $25,000.00 for the Religious Education Director. Sherry Rankin made a motion with Tom Munchel seconding. Motion passed.

·        Father Joe discussed changes in the Archdiocese policies – 1. – Check the Child Protection Data Base in every state for new employees and teachers. 2. – Safe and Sacred certificate is good for three (3) years. 3. – Criminal checks every five (5) years.

·        RE: Parish Directory – Amy Engle spoke with Deacon Russ and he stated that St. Anne would like to start this in July combining all Parishes in one book. After a discussion it was decided that that was a short time span to get everything organized and we could do that next time. Amy will contact Life Touch.

·        The Nominating Committee for this year is: Amy Engle, Sherry Rankin and Vicki Sheipe.  Those wanting to run for Parish Council at this time are: Wayne Hokey, Amy Engle, David Holwager and Emma Bogue.

·        Helping to defray the cost of the bus trip organized by Mary Williams:  Amy Engle made a motion that we donate $300.00 to help finance the remainder of the trip. Emma Bogue seconded the motion. Motion passed.

·        Received a letter of resignation from Christine Meeker – Religious Education Director. Amy Engle made a motion with Vicki Sheipe seconding to accept her letter. Motion passed. Father Joe will write a note of appreciation to her. This letter is also attached to the minutes.

·        After our delicious meal on Barb and Charlie’s grill – Sherry Rankin made a motion with Tom Munchel seconding that we purchase two of these grills from Sam’s Club for Canal Days. Barb and Charlie will pick the grills up. Motion passed.

·        Amy Engle reported that the first day of the Summer Picnic in the Park fed 66 people and reminded everyone that St. Elizabeth is responsible for June 7th and 9th.




June 4 – Blood Drive at St. Elizabeth

June 4 & 5 – 2nd collection for Education of Future Priests

June 7 & 9 – St. Elizabeth days for Summer Lunch Program

June 20 – 23 – Priest convocation at St. Meinrad

June 25 – 26 -  2nd Collection Peter’s Pence

July 9 – Haley Sweet and Evan Weeden Wedding

July 18 to August 4 – Barb Ringwald on vacation.

July 23 -24 – Mission Priest


Next Parish Council meeting will be Monday, June 27, 2016 at 6:00p.m. with Finance Committee meeting at 5:30 p.m.

Vicki Sheipe made a motion with Darren Klein seconding to adjourn. Motion passed

Closing prayer was led by Father Joe.