St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2016


Members present: Dan Sweet, Tom Munchel, Vicki Sheipe,  Susan Yanos(ex officio), Charlie Ringwald, Darren Klein, Janet Sweet, David Holwager, Amy Engle and Debbie Magiera. Also present was Father John and Barb Ringwald.


Opening prayer was led by Father John.

The meeting was presided over by Dan Sweet.


The August 15, 2016 Minutes were approved. David Holwager made a motion with Darrin Klein seconding to accept the minutes. Motion passed.




Finance report was given by Tom Munchel. The checking account and the stipend account for August 2016 were reconciled. David Holwager made a motion with Debbie Magiera seconding to accept the financial report. Motion passed.


Reorganization of Parish Council Leadership – Chairperson – Dan Sweet, Vice Chair – Amy Engle, Secretary – Vicki Sheipe and Finance Chair – Darren Klein.




·         Leak in the Parish Center needs to be looked at – Have a quote from Chomel for $2,657.00.  No response from Beard. We are waiting to hear from Beard on the brick issues. It was suggested to call Chomel and get it done. We accepted Chomel’s proposal. Vicki Sheipe made a motion with Tom Munchel seconding. Motion passed.

·        Painting of radiator vents in Church – We are still waiting on estimates.

·        Security system in office – This was tabled until the next meeting..

·        Proposed work around new storage building – Dan contacted Miss Lacey at the High School Ag Dept. about possibly landscaping around the building. Nothing was definitely decided.

·        What to do with the old garage – Chris Brown is to have first take on the garage, then Eileen King’s son, then any interested parishioner and then the Dublin Gospel Mission.  Mike Bruns will be contacted to dispose of the rest of it.

·        Ministry Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, September 24, 2016 in the Church. Times will be announced. This is for ushers, sacristans, Eucharistic ministers and servers.

·        When the bathroom floor was resealed in the men’s restroom, there was seal placed over urine stains. It was decided to go back to Jon Bell and have him fix this.

·        Building Issues – David Holwager, Amy Engle and Charlie Ringwald are the committee appointed to oversee the building issues. Barb Ringwald will be getting an estimate from All Pest Exterminating for flea treatment of the Rectory.

·        Painting the Parish Center walls will be put off until next Spring. Elanda Sharp has given us an estimate of $1445.00 and Gig Young gave an estimate of $1250.00.





·        Father John handed out “Guidelines for Pastors and Parishes on Lobbying and Electioneering”

·        Changes in weekly Mass starting in October – The Friday a.m. Mass will move to 12 noon on Thursday. (effective 10-1-16) First Friday will be 10:00 to 12:00 noon. With a communion service ast the beginning and the end.

·        Parish Pitch-in – This will be Saturday, October 15, 2016 following the 5:00 p.m. Mass.

·        RE: Future Parish Gathering Meals –The Holiday Brunch will be on Saturday, December 10 after the 5:00 p.m. Mass. This will be finger food/reception/open house.

·        Parish Directory – St. Elizabeth will be doing this as a Parish this time as St. Anne Parish has already done theirs. Amy Engle will head this up.

·        Lincoln High School asked about us advertising in their sports bulletin again this year. ¼ page ad is $70.00. David Holwager made a motion with Charlie Ringwald seconding that we do this. Motion passed.

·        Father John discussed the forming of a Pastoral Council – this will include the three Parishes - St. Anne, St. Rose and St. Elizabeth. It will consist of seven members and Father John. Those from St. Elizabeth will be Dan Sweet, Tom Munchel and Vicki Sheipe.




October 1 – Blood Drive

October 8 – Sweet Reunion

October 15 – Jubilee of Mercy – Archdiocesan Event

October 21 – UCA awareness begins for weekend Masses

October 22 & 23  – 2nd Collection for World Mission Sunday.

November 5 – Rihm/Sokowski wedding (Fr. Luerman)


Next Parish Council meeting will be Monday, October 17, 2016 at 6:30p.m. with Finance Committee meeting at 6:00 p.m.

Vicki Sheipe made a motion with Debbie Magiera seconding to adjourn. Motion passed

Closing prayer was led by Father John.