St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Parish Council Meeting Minutes

October 17, 2016


Members present: Dan Sweet, Vicki Sheipe, Charlie Ringwald, Darren Klein, David Holwager, Amy Engle and Debbie Magiera. Also present was Father John, Barb Ringwald and parishioner Emma Bogue.


Opening prayer was led by Father John.

The meeting was presided over by Dan Sweet.


The September 19, 2016 Minutes were approved as corrected. David Holwager made a motion with Darrin Klein seconding to accept the minutes. Motion passed.




Finance report was given by Darren Klein. The checking account and the stipend account for September 2016 were reconciled. David Holwager made a motion with Vicki Sheipe seconding to accept the financial report. Motion passed.


Barb Ringwald went over the Parish Annual Report. She will make a couple of changes and it will then go out to parishioners.




·         Roof Work – Barb reported that the roof work has been done on the Parish Center. The roof on the Church is supposed to be done also, Chomels will get with Barb Ringwald after they return from vacation.

·        Security system in office – This is tabled until Wayne Hokey can be present.

·        What to do with the old garage – Steve Cox wants the overhead door and opener. Mike Bruns will be contacted to remove the garage and foundation.

·        When the bathroom floor was resealed in the men’s restroom, there was seal placed over urine stains. It was decided to go back to Jon Bell and have him fix this.

·        Building Issues – David Holwager and Charlie Ringwald checked the Rectory for insects and none were found. David reported that Jon Turpin checked the electric – there are non grounded outlets, they need GIF and he will remove floor outlets. The downstairs carpeting will be removed this year. Hartzell checked for mold and found none. It was agreed that the Rectory needs to be exterminated annually. Paul Rathke and Wayne Hokey went through with Jon Turpin. Dan Sweet will get that list to David Holwager. David will get an itemized list together by the next meeting.

·        Response to Parish Pitch-in – Barb Ringwald reported that the crowd was small and that there were a few attending from St. Anne Parish. It was suggested that we try a pitch-in dinner about every three months (quarterly).

·        Mens Bathroom Floor – Dan Sweet will contact John Bell regarding the sealing that was done over the stain.





·        United Catholic Appeal will begin the end of October or first of November.

·        Current mower needs replaced. David Holwager will get with Wayne Hokey about a used mower and a snow blower – as David has been bringing his snow blower to use.

·        RE: Future Parish Gathering Meals –The Holiday Brunch will be on Saturday, December 10 after the 5:00 p.m. Mass. This will be finger food/reception/open house. An invitation will be extended to both St. Anne and St. Rose Parishes.

·        Parish Directory – Amy Engle reported that a meeting was held with Anita Post from Life Touch on October 11. She showed the two choices of books and it was decided to go with the traditional style – similar to what we have used in the past. Parishioners can sign up before and after Mass. The committee will be meeting with Life Touch again on October 18.The dates for pictures are as follows: November 16th to the 19th and November 21st and November 22. Times for the pictures are 2:00pm to 9:00 pm weekdays and 9am to 4 pm on Saturday. Cost to Parishioners is $0 – unless they buy photos.     

·        Father John discussed the Pastoral Council meeting –Pastoral Council met on Thursday October 13 in the library at St. Anne’s. Meeting went very well. Father John then explained the Holy Day Mass Schedule – Monday OCTOBER 31 – 5:30pm at St. Elizabeth and 7:00pm at St. Rose. Tuesday NOVEMBER 1 – 12:00 noon at St. Anne – 5:30pm at St. Anne and 7:00pm is the Prison Mass in New Castle.  THANKSGIVING – Wednesday, November 23 – 5:30pm at St. Elizabeth, 7:00pm At St. Rose. Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) is 9:00am at St. Anne. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION – Wednesday December 7 – 5:30pm at St. Elizabeth, 7:00pm at St. Anne. December 8 is at 12:00 noon at St. Anne and 5:30pm at St. Rose..PENANCE – Monday December 19 at St. Elizabeth at 7:00pm. Wednesday, December 21 At St. Anne At 7:00pm and Thursday December 22 at St. Rose at &:00pm.  CHRISTMAS – Saturday December 24 at St. Anne at 4:00pm (this is the family Mass) 7:00pm at St. Rose and 10:00pm at St. Elizabeth. Sunday December 25 – St. Anne at 9:00am.  NEW YEARS MASS – this will be the regular weekend Mass schedule.

·        Barb Ringwald discussed going with a larger bulletin as we are getting cramped for space in our current bulletin. The current size is 14 x 12 and run $73.82 for a 6 week supply. The 11 x 17 are $89.48 for the same amount. Barb will see if she can send back the ones that were just ordered. Charlie Ringwald made a motion with David Holwager seconding that we go with the larger bulletin. Motion passed.

·        Thanksgiving Mass and Senior Dinner – This is scheduled for Sunday November 13. Mass is at 12:00 noon and the dinner to begin around 1:15pm. St. Anne and St. Rose have been invited to attend. Barb will get sign-up sheets from Kim for both Parishes.

·        Dan Sweet reported that the Knights of Columbus would like to get Parishioners who are interested to sign up.

·        Darren Klein asked that a specific start time be given for CCD – as there has been some confusion. Father John said that the start time should be 9:15am.

·        Amy Engle reported that the Rosary after the 8:00am Mass is not going well. There is a lot of noise and disruptions. Asked if Father John could give a gentle reminder that the Rosary will be being said following Mass.

·        Ed Dungan said that the sacrarium that we have had on our agenda for quite some time is doable, but there can be no running water. It was decided to not proceed with this at this time.




October 21 – UCA awareness begins for weekend Masses

October 22 & 23  – 2nd Collection for World Mission Sunday.

November 5 – Rihm/Sokowski wedding (Fr. Luerman)

November 6 – Center reserved for King family

November 13 – Thanksgiving Mass (noon) and dinner

December 10 – Holiday Open House Reception after Mass


Next Parish Council meeting will be Monday, November 28, 2016 at 6:30p.m. with Finance Committee meeting at 6:00 p.m.

David Holwager made a motion with Debbie Magiera seconding to adjourn. Motion passed

Closing prayer was led by Father John.