JANUARY 16, 2017


Members present: Tom Munchel, Darren Klein, Vicki Sheipe, David Holwager, Charlie Ringwald, Amy Engle, Debbie Magiera and Janet Sweet.  Also attending was Emma Bogue – Parishioner, Barb Ringwald and Father John Hall.


Opening prayer was led by Father John.

The meeting was presided over by Amy Engle in Dan Sweet’s absence.


David Holwager made a motion with Tom Munchel seconding that the minutes from the November 28, 2016 meeting be accepted. Motion passed.


Financial Report –


Finance Report was given by Darren Klein. The checking account and the stipend account for November and December 2016 were reconciled.  Darren Klein made a motion with Tom Munchel seconding that the finance report be accepted. Motion passed.



Barb Ringwald reported that approximately 15 parishioners attended the Holiday Open House on December 10, 2016. We need to decide whether or not to have the Pancake Breakfast that has been a tradition on Palm Sunday. Dave Holwager suggested we pole the parishioners to see if there is enough interest to do this year. We would also need to find someone to chair this event.


RE: Boys bathroom floor:  Dan Sweet reported to Barb Ringwald via text that Jon Bell has been out of town.


RE: Security system is office: Charlie Ringwald reported that Wayne Hokey has a quote for $1380.00 if we can get code from Koorsen, if not it would be an additional $270.00. This is for upgrades needed for the Church and the Parish Center. From CEI there is a quote of $8065.00 for security for the Rectory.


RE: Status of the Old Garage: The garage is empty and secured. There is no interest from anyone at this time. It was decided to leave it up and Barb Ringwald is going to have it rekeyed.


RE: Work on the Rectory: The electric has been brought up to code, the roof no longer leaks and the washer and dryer are moved to the walk-in closet in the downstairs bathroom.  The closet in the kitchen is possibly going to be a pantry now.  Received an estimate of $7090.00 to refinish the painted woodwork back to natural.  Have an estimate of $450.00 to remove the carpeting on the first floor and some of the paneling to see what is behind it.(Bob Porter) The carpeting, linoleum and paneling is to be removed from the first floor, this may cost a little more. David Holwager made a motion with Tom Munchel seconding that we allow up to $1000.00 for this. Motion passed.


Confirmation date is set for Sunday May 21, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. at Holy Family Church for St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Anne, St. Gabriel and St. Bridget.



Kaitlyn Blandford, St. Anne ARE, has accepted the position of Religious Ed Director for St. Elizabeth of Hungary. She will be contacted about organizing a Lenten program for St. Elizabeth. Julia Walther from St. Elizabeth will be the go between for our Parish and Kaitlyn.


Jon Turpin will be contacted to move the switch for the pole lights between the Rectory and the Church to the Parish Center. The switch is currently in the Rectory. He will be contacted for a quote at this time. Father John suggested dusk to dawn for these pole lights.  Barb will get with Jon Turpin and take care of this. David Holwager made a motion with Vicki Sheipe seconding to do this.  Motion passed.


Father John  reported that he is working on the Lenten schedule.


March 12, 2017 Community Lenten Service is at St. Elizabeth of Hungary. It was suggested that the funeral food committee and the exercise ladies fix the refreshments for the reception following the service.


RE: Alert Solutions – This is a one call alert system that could be used for cancellations, reminders, events, prayer chain, etc. The cost is $1.25 per family if we sign up for three years, otherwise it would be $1.50 per family. Vicki Sheipe made a motion with Janet Sweet seconding that we sign up for the three year contract. Motion passed. Barb Ringwald will enroll in Alert Solutions.


Emma Bogue discussed Brianna’s Hope. They are in need of meals for the kids attending. Sandwiches, chips, pizza – just keep it simple. They meet weekly at the Rivers Church. The Pastor at the Church should be contacted for more information.


RE: The unused television in the Rectory: Dan Sweet had suggested that we use it for power point presentations to run messages in the Parish Center.


Father John reported that Senior recognition will be Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at St. Elizabeth of Hungary.


Father John also brought up having a volunteer appreciation dinner/Mass.


January 28 & 29 – Propagation of Faith – 2nd collection

February 14 – Evening Kiwanis reserved ½ the Parish Center for Sweetheart dinner

February 25 – First  Reconciliation 9:30 a.m.

March 1 – Ash Wednesday

March 4 & 5 – Black and Indian Missions/Souper Bowl collection for Meals on Wheels                       at doors of Church – end of Mass

March 11 & 12 – Aid to Church in Eastern Europe – 2nd collection

March 18 – Confirmation Retreat at St. Elizabeth of Hungary with St. Anne (breakfast and lunch served)

March 25 & 26 – Catholic Relief Services – 2nd collection

April 8 or 9 – Pancake Brunch or supper - ????

April 8 or 9 – Church in Africa – 2nd collection

April 16 – Easter


Next Parish Council meeting will be Monday, February 20, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. with Finance Committee meeting at 6:00 p.m.

David Holwager made a motion with Charlie Ringwald seconding to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed.


Closing prayer was led by Father John.