St-Elizabeth of Hungary

Cohort C1 Update October 2017

(St. Elizabeth of Hungary, St. Anne/St. Rose, St. Mary, Rushville)

Meeting on Thursday October 5 at St. Elizabeth of Hungary


At the meeting an update of the merger process between St. Anne and St. Rose has gone very well.  The women's group from both parishes merged together and has formed one group called the Henry County Catholic Women's Group.  Women from St. Mary and St. Elizabeth are welcome to get involved. 


St. Mary's reported they have started a program for men, "That Man Is You", that is a very good program.  They encouraged the parishes to look into this program for our men to participate in for this area, or they would be welcome if they want to go to Rushville to participate.


On the linkage between St. Elizabeth and St. Anne/St. Rose it was reported that we are making strides towards working together and doing things together.  We had a successful two-parish picnic with great food, visiting and activities.  All are looking forward to the next picnic.  The parishes had a fun and successful pilgrimage to St. Mary's of the Woods in September.  Parish staff from both parishes meets once a month to keep up to date on upcoming tasks and events.  We share staff, Kaitlyn, as Director of Faith Formation.  Next year we will be looking at combining the St. Anne & St. Elizabeth Confirmation class.  As well as sharing the expenses our Pastor, Fr. John.


Communication progress between the parishes was discussed.  Currently all three parishes are sharing weekend bulletins with each other (St. Anne and St. Elizabeth provide bulletins for both of our parishes and St. Mary's emails a copy of their bulletin to both St. Anne and St. Elizabeth). Websites are available for each parish, St. Elizabeth is in the process of improving their website.  The parish will be working towards having links to each others websites as well links to our deanery parishes and the Archdiocese.


The question was asked, "What's next?"  Will things stay the way they are now or will there be more changes?  And the answer is we don't know.  We know that because of the shortage of priests there will not be anymore priest added to our cohort, we would continue to share priests between parishes.  At some point most priests will be responsible for 2 to 3 parishes.  Our parishes need to provide young men that go into religious life, and until this happens the shortage will continue to get worse.  What we can do and must do is take care of our churches, keep them maintained and in good condition, support our parishes through our tithing to pay for operating expenses and the expenses to maintain our building.  When our offerings begin to suffer our churches will suffer. (Download) (Home)


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