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St. Elizabeth Center Rental

Fees:  $40  due with rental form. EXPECTATIONS:

1.     A Certificate of Insurance must be obtained from your home insurance agent and the coverage amount of $1,000,000 listing the Archdiocese of Indianapolis and St. Elizabeth of Hungary as the certificate holder. 

2.     Only beer and wine are allowed to be served if alcohol is served.

3.     For wedding receptions and parties where smoking might occur the family renting the Center is responsible for providing outside ashtrays at each door exit.  You are responsible for collecting and disposing of cigarette butts and such.

4.     Wipe down all tables (and chairs if necessary) used after the party is over.

5.     Center floors are to be swept.  Brooms, vacuum, mops, bucket, and dustpans are located in the mop closet to the left of the piano. 

6.     Spot mop where spills have occurred.  Areas where drinks are poured or beverages are served are to be mopped.

7.     Extra tables and chairs should be stored neatly in the storage room to the right of the kitchen.  Newer tables and brown chairs go in the classrooms located in the Fr. Luerman Learning Center.  Please do not put old tables and old chairs in the Learning Center.

8.     Experienced parishioners will put center wall back into position.  If you are unsure how the walls go together and they’re positioning please leave them as is. Do not put walls in place - thanks

9.     Broken tables and chairs are the responsibility of the family renting the center.  If something breaks tell the priest and arrangements will be determined.

10.  All bathrooms should be swept, mopped, cleaned and trash collected.

11.  Trash disposal is the responsibility of the family renting the Center - take trash with you

12.  Heavy-duty trash bags (55 gallon capacity) should be used in the kitchen trashcans.

13.  Kitchen usage – if the kitchen is used clean surfaces and sinks.  Sweep and mop floor.  Washrags and towels are located in the drawer below the microwave.  If you use them you are responsible for taking the home, washing them, and return them to the drawers you got them from sometime during the following week.

14.  If coffee pots are used rinse them out, empty coffee grounds and return the pots where you got them.

Enjoy your party/reception.  If an emergency should occur with the Center please alert the priest or contact Barb Ringwald at  541-1702.


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A copy of this form will be given to you after signing to help you fulfill your obligations.


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