Usher/Greeter – Greet arriving parishioners and visitors, making them feel welcome in our faith community. They will seat worshipers as needed, collect offerings, care for any need that may occur and straighten the pews after Mass.  Ushers also assist the Sacristan on duty with putting the Mass collection in a tamper proof bag.

Time Required: 20 minutes before Mass and   10 minutes after Mass.  Training provided if needed.


Eucharistic Minister- Is a reverent individual, who assists with the distribution of the Eucharist at Masses. Duties include: arriving 10 minutes before Mass to confirm your presence and the responsibility to contact your replacement should you be unable to attend your scheduled Mass.

Time Required: Commitment for a period of 1 month at a time for a given Mass time. You may be scheduled three or more months out of the year – depending on how many Eucharistic Ministers we have available to schedule. Training is mandatory and provided.

(Substitutes are also needed throughout the year for shorter time commitments.)


Eucharist Ministers to the Home Bound, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes- These Eucharistic ministers take the Eucharist to the homebound, local hospitals, and nursing homes.  This ministry is coordinated with the priest.

Time Required: Varies according to the need.

Training is mandatory and provided, as well as a list and directions to the individuals in need.


Lectors (Readers)- In order to Proclaim The Good News, it is necessary to prepare and try to better understand the meaning of the Scripture to be read effectively.  To ensure the best presentation, additional materials are given to Lectors and they are expected to prepare before they read Scripture passages at Mass.  Duties include: arriving 10 minutes before Mass to confirm your presence and the responsibility to contact your replacement should you be unable to attend your scheduled Mass.

Time Required: Commitment for a period of 1 month at a time for a given Mass time. You may be scheduled three or more months out of the year – depending on how many Lectors we have available to schedule.. Training is mandatory and provided.

(Substitutes are also needed throughout the year for shorter time commitments.)


Sacristans- Make all the preparations necessary before each Mass, freeing the pastor to greet parishioners as they arrive. Providing clean linens for the altar, ensuring that there is appropriate quantities of bread and wine for the number attending that Mass, clean the chalices and utensils used during Mass and locking the doors after everyone leaves. Putting the collection into a tamper proof bag, with the assistance of the ushers, and then dropping the collection off at the bank safety drop box.

            Time Required: 30 minutes before Mass and 30 minutes after Mass. During the months of May and October it is necessary to arrive 45 minutes early to unlock and set up due to the reciting of the rosary before Mass.

            Training is provided.



Liturgical Arts-


            Music – The organist/pianist will accompany the choir and congregation for singing. Those persons who enjoy singing, are committed to serving God in a musical way, and are willing to attend regular rehearsals and are encouraged to become part of the St. Elizabeth Choir. The Choir will lead the congregation in the musical celebration of the liturgy.

Time Required: Rehearsal 1 hour two times a month (2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month between Labor Day and Memorial Day – No practices during the Summer months).

            Training is provided at the rehearsals.


            Decorations – Liturgical Season Decorations for the altar, the ambo, the entire church inside and outside, in consultation with the Pastor.

Time Required: Varies according to liturgical seasons.








Vacation Bible School- Chose the theme, plan and advertise a biblically sound program geared to the children ages 4 to 8 years of age. Presenting the Bible in stories, crafts, song, and games, in a Christian environment structured to promote Christian living and values.

            Time Required: Time to prepare the daily lessons, gather materials, 1½ hours for 5 nights for during the summer (or whatever timeline is determined by those putting VBS on).

            Training is provided.

(Note, due to low numbers of participants VBS has not been held the past several years.  When there is and adequate number of participants and helpers VBS will be an option again.)


CCD Teachers – Prepare and teach lesson plans in keeping with the Archdiosen Curriculum Requirements appropriate for specific grade levels. Attend required training sessions in various areas of curriculum and procedures.

Time Requirement: Time to prepare lesson prior to CCD on Sunday, 1 hour 15 minutes of classroom time, and approximately 3 hours a year of training.

            Training is provided.


Servers – are reverent youth that are interested in serving God through assisting the Pastor during Mass. These young individuals are able to conduct themselves with reverence, attention, and discipline during the Mass. The servers are responsible to contact their replacement should they be unable to attend their scheduled Mass.

Time Requirement: 10 minutes prior to Mass to confirm their presence. Servers are willing to commit to serving at a specific Mass time.

Training is provided.




Parish Picnic – chose a date, location, theme, and activities for this social activity celebrating our parish family.

Time Requirement: Time necessary to plan, gather materials, and set up the facility. Approximately 3 to 4 hours for the picnic and 1 hour to clean up afterward.

Need a leader for this committee


Holiday Brunch – this celebration is open to the entire parish membership with activities for children. Brunch is served, activities are provided, Santa may visit if one can be scheduled.  The High School CCD classes are responsible for planning and working this activity, though parishioner participation and helping is appreciated greatly.

Time Requirement: Time necessary to plan, gather materials, and set up the facility. Approximately 1 to 2 hours for the brunch and 30 minutes to clean up afterward.

Notes from past brunches are available to assist in planning.


Thanksgiving Dinner – this dinner honors our senior membership (those 55+) for their contribution to our faith development both past and present, it is also open to the community senior citizens through the senior center. We prepare a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner for those attending, decorate, plan games and entertainment for the enjoyment of all.

Time Requirement: Time necessary to plan, gather materials, set-up the facility, cook dinner, and 30 minutes to clean up after serving is finished. Notes from the past dinners are available as well as quantities ordered.


Palm Sunday Pancake Breakfast – The committee plans and prepares the breakfast to be served after Mass on Palm Sunday and cleans the facility afterwards. This is a social event and an opportunity to meet other parishioners.

Time Requirement: Time needed to order the food, set-up the work stations in the kitchen, serve breakfast, and about 30 minutes to clean up afterward. Notes from previous breakfasts are available.

            Need a leader for this committee


Funeral Dinners – Contacts parishioners for covered dishes for funeral dinners for parish family members after the funeral, sets up the seating for the family members, prepares hot dishes, serves dinner, and cleans the facility afterward.

Time Requirement: Time needed to contact individuals for donations, shop for additional ingredients and supplies, set up facility, prepare and serve dinner and clean up afterward.







Canal Days – is an opportunity to reach out to the community and raise additional funds for parish projects. The committee will be responsible for planning the quantities to be ordered, setting up the booth, acquiring additional equipment, preparation of food to be sold, scheduling manpower to run the booth, clean up and store booth and facility.

Time Requirement: Varied times for each of the above activities. Notes from previous years are available to assist planning.


Parish Council – is a leadership group that serves as a consultative body to the Pastor. The council’s purpose is to fulfill the Parish mission by helping to coordinate all aspects of parish life, including worship, service, education, formation, evangelization and stewardship. In cooperation with the Pastor, the council strives to develop a unified vision among the parishioners and to provide direction for the appropriate action necessary to attain this vision with the spiritual growth of parishioners always the primary interest.

Time Requirement: varies with needs of the parish. Terms for this elected office are 3 years.








Garden Angels – maintain the landscaping around the church property with various volunteers to keep the parish appearance well tended and maintained. Personal tools are required.

Time Requirement: 2 to 3 times a year for 3 hour work detail. Mainly working in your assigned area to keep it neatly managed throughout the year, especially prior to weddings and special occasions.


Lawn Mowing Crew – mows and trim the church properties on a weekly basis, equipment is furnished.

            Time Requirement: 2 hours per week


Buildings and Grounds – This committee will provide minor repairs and upkeep to the parish buildings and grounds. They will bring to the attention of the Pastor and Parish Council those repairs of a capital nature.  Volunteers are paired up with another volunteer and are scheduled throughout the year for monthly inspections of the parish buildings and grounds.  A checklist is provided for those things that should be reviewed.

Time Requirement: will vary on an as needed basis.


Housekeeping – This committee will organize the spring and fall cleaning of the parish center.

            Time Requirement: as needed

Need a leader for this committee


Linens and Robes – This committee is responsible for the laundering of the alter clothes, other linens, and servers robes on a monthly basis.

            Time Requirement: as needed








Health Ministries – This committee provides blood pressure check for the parish community once a month.  They strive to serve the parish in any health informative services that they can provide or that is requested.

            Time Requirement: 30 to 45 minutes after

Mass once a month – depending on how many volunteers there are.


Blood Drive – Three times a year the parish center hosts a community blood drive.  This committee coordinates the dates of the blood drive, helps the coordinator get lists out for food donations for the canteen area, puts out and updates donor schedule and help serve at canteen area during the blood drive.

Time Requirement: 3 to 4 hours three times a year. No training needed.


Visit Home Bound Individuals – This committee of compassionate, patient individuals knowledgeable in the area of caring for others, would visit those persons that are home bound offering them hope, up lifting their spirits, and offering them scriptural comfort.  This committee coordinates with the priest on who needs to be visited.

Time Requirement: at least ½ hour per visit, visits as needed. Training will be provided.


Bereavement – This committee would keep in contact with parishioners who have lost a loved one. They communicate through notes and phone calls and follow-up during the year after the loss of a loved one.

Time Requirement: varies according to need.


Prayer Chain – All members of the parish are a part of the prayers chain.  There are group leaders who are responsible for contacting the parish at large to let them know of the prayers that are needed.

Time Requirement: varies according to need.


Pro-Life – The Pro- Life Committees general purpose is to make parishioners more aware of pro-life issues and needs, including euthanasia, abortion, AIDS, cloning, the elderly and disabled, etc. The goal is to educate the parish about these issues and to emphasize the importance of all God’s children (LIFE) at every stage. The Pro-Life Committee receives its information from several sources including the Archdiocesan Pro-Life Office, Radio, Television, Internet, Newspapers, etc. The committee is involved in planning Masses for Respect Life Sunday, for the January 22nd anniversary of Roe vs. Wade to legalize abortion and other appropriate occasions during the year.

            Time Requirement: varies as needed

No one has stepped forward to take charge of this committee so it is not an active committee at St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

















First Saturday of the Month Card Game - Set up facility for games, bring covered dish, enjoy the company of other participants, and clean up afterward setting facility up for CCD next morning.

Time Requirement: 30 minutes before and after event.


Family Game Night – Organize family games for participants of varying ages, bring in snacks, and clean up facility afterwards setting it up for CCD classes.

Time Requirement: 30 minutes before and after event.

Not an active group at this time.







Pictorial Directory – This committee is responsible for choosing the company to publish the directory, scheduling the photography appointments, fulfilling all the necessary requirements to have the directory published, and distributing the directory. Notes from previous directories are available.

            Time Requirement: as needed